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        ABOUT US

        LanZhou Deke

        Engineering Materials Co., Ltd.

        Lanzhou Deke Engineering Materials Co., Ltd. is located in an important industrial base in the north..
        G341 line Huanxian slope proje..

        Geotechnical compartment is on line G341 to enhance slope consolidation protection effect, reduce rainwater scouring slope surface.

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        Quannan Expressway

        Quannan Expressway (G72) Liuzhou-Nanning Expressway Reconstruction and Extension Project starts from Liuzhou Luzhai North Interchange,

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        Jingshen railway

        Jingshen Railway starts from Jingbian North Railway Station in the south, connects with Menghua Railway Station in the north and Shenmu West Railway Station in..

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        Beijing-Tibet Expressway-Ningx..

        Reconstruction and expansion project of shizuishan-zhongning section of Beijing-Tibet expressway.

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        Beijing-Tibet Expressway-Hubao..

        The reconstruction and expansion project of the Hubao section of Beijing-Tibet Expressway has a total length of 217 kilometers.

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        Xinjiang Wuwei-Wukui Expresswa..

        The Wuwei Expressway section includes the five sections of Urumqi-Weili, Weili-35Tuan, 35Tuan-Ruoqiang, G0711-Yitun-Bulak-Ruoqiang,

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        Beijing-Hong Kong-Macao Expres..

        The Beijing-Hong Kong-Macao Expressway Luohe-Zhumadian Expressway is an important section of the "two vertical and two horizontal" national trunk...

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        Bao Mao Expressway

        The reconstruction and expansion project of Baotou-Dongsheng section of Bao-Mao expressway includes two parts: the main line starts at...

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        Dundang expressway

        The Dunhuang-Dangjinshankou Expressway is an important project in the development of the western region and an important part of the inter-provincial channel Xi..

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        Beijing-Zhangjiakou high-speed..

        Beijing-Zhangjiakou high-speed railway is an inter-city railway connecting Beijing and Zhangjiakou city in Hebei province.

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